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    Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why

    “Some of you care. None of you cared enough.”

    I’ve been having a terrible flu/arthritis flare combo so I needed something to binge on. I’m always late to the bandwagon but I decided to give 13 Reasons Why a go.

    I’ve never read the book, which is a shame. As a book blogger I’m always eager to read the story before I see it. Never the less I wanted to see what everyone was talking about.

    From the first episode of 13 Reasons Why I was hooked. I could see why it drew so much attention. There’s something almost voyeuristic about it all, being given a glimpse into Hannah’s inner most thoughts and feelings before she took her own life.

    Criticism of 13 Reasons Why

    I’ll admit, I didn’t gel to Hannah in the first few episodes. I could see where the glorification criticisms were coming from. It seemed to me like she was blowing everything out of all proportion. As bad as the issues were (revenge, slut shaming), they are faced a lot of girls on the daily. That doesn’t make it right or acceptable, but I didn’t see it as a catalyst for a revenge suicide situation.

    However, as the episodes progressed and Clay listened to more of the tapes, I found my views changing. The relentless harassment compounded with the loneliness she felt clearly took its toll. Loneliness itself is a hard thing for anyone to deal with. It’s even worse when it seems like everyone hates you. Little things are important. It’s the little issues that pick away at your soul, that grind you down to nothing. We are the sum of all the shit we take throughout our lives.

    Lonliness makes you say things you don’t want to say. It makes  you do things you don’t really want to do. The problem is at the time you don’t see it that way. It clouds your judgement.

    “I think sometimes you judge people. We all do but I think sometimes you live to regret it.”


    So is it harmful? The truth is, I don’t know. Suicide prevention agencies have criticised the way Hannah’s suicide was handled. I can see their point of view. Her suicide scene is graphic. It’s a no holes barred view into Hannah’s death. It’s been over a week since I watched the show and I’m still experiencing flashbacks to the scene. I can see how triggering that might be for someone who is in a vunerable position.

    I guess the important question to ask is can something be harmful and important at the same time? In this case I think it can. 13 Reasons Why will mean different things to different people.

    I can’t say that people who are depressed shouldn’t watch this. What if they did it and it makes them realise that people do actually care? That they just don’t realise it. What if someone who watches this is depressed but is also a bully who torments people? What if they watch this and realise that their consequences have repercussions? What if a person of authority watches this and realises that someone had spoken to them and shown signs suicidal behaviour without them noticing it?


    If you’re a parent wondering if you should let your young teen watch 13 Reasons Why, my advice would be to watch it with them. Especially the last episode. I don’t know if anyone under the age of 16 should watch the last episode unsupervised. I guess it’s down to each individual person and how they could cope with seeing someone end their own life.

    Watch it with them and actually talk about the issues that are raised in each episode.  Because no matter what your opinion is on 13 Reasons Why, we can all agree that open dialogue around mental illness and suicide is necessary.

    “It has to get better. The way we treat each other and look out for each other. It has to get better somehow.”


    Suicide Help/Hotlines

    If you’ve been affected by 13 Reasons Why and feel you need to speak to someone, please contact the following agencies:

    US: Lifeline suicide prevention  UK: The Samaritans   Ireland: Connecting for Life

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    13 Reasons Why. Hannah and Clay
    Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why @NetflixUK

    • Kareen Liez says:

      There are many reviews about this series.While some viewers like it,others think it is too much to handle. I actually want to watch this because it is interesting.And i think the effect of the show depends on how the viewer will handle it.

    • Carola says:

      I have watched the seres on Netflix. But haven’t read the book either. It was nice to read your thoughts on the series! I thought 13 reasons why is quite good. They showed multiple sides from Hannah (not only positives). And it showed the effect actions can have on people. The 13 reasons combined, were really a lot though! (As for things to happen to one person in quite a short period).

    • Nathalie says:

      I don’t really watch a lot of TV in general, so I admit I have not watched this. But I have read the book. It’s been out for some years now, but only really got this much attention because of the series. Anyway. There’s no use over people criticising it for its graphic scenes, but I think what’s more important is that people pick up on the lessons it tries to impart, especially to the vulnerable teens.

    • Pia says:

      I’m a psychologist and have counseled a few people suffering depression. When I watched 13 reasons why, I was a little disturbed. They made it seem that suicide was a justiable means to seek revenge on people who caused you pain. It’s also a bit black and white – hannah was the clear heroine and a bunch of kids were the mean villains. This is a bit dangerous because depression colors the way you view the world, and it may seem that everyone is against you. I didn’t watch it all the way through but I heard there was a very detailed suicide scene. Not a fan of that either. That being said though, I have to give them props for shedding awareness on the effects of bullying.

      • In the first few episodes it does seem that way but as the episodes move on it does show how worse things get for her and how her depression depends from the constant harassment. I think they would have been better to make this clear earlier on. I think it was a good portrayal of depression though, because it can make it seem like the whole world is against you. But at the same time they should have portrayed that this isn’t always the case. I don’t think that came across very well. Thanks for the insight. I’m always interested in a professional’s view.

    • Katy says:

      I think,l whether you like the series of not, it definitley handles some tough topics. Depression is something that is incredibly difficult to portray on the screen – and is just as difficult to understand unless you live with it yourself or work in the field. I also don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with showing a graphic suicide. While it may be distateful to some, at least it highlights the issue in a bald, shocking manner that might make people sit up and take note.

    • EG III says:

      I’ve heard an awful lot about this show but strayed from watching it due to the nature of it’s subject; however, I think that given the rave reviews it’s received I should give it a shot.

    • Meera says:

      I have neither watched the series nor read the book. But from your thoughts on the same, I got the Crux of it. Well, nowadays children growing up with wide exposure and knowledge, we really should be careful in what they watch and learn. I appreciate your thoughts on the series.

    • Nicole P says:

      update on hannah’s suicide scene, it was a bit blown out of proportion as in the books she was supposed to take pills and not slash her wrists.

      other than that, I totally agree that kids should not watch this without any adult around them. The best point about 13 reasons why though is that it made people give awareness about this silent killer, depression, and we are now having discussions abut it.

      Personally, I am living day by day, with this. the only nice thing is that I have a pretty solid fallback in the shape of my husband who continually reminds me that if I die, the pain will not stop, but it will transfer on to my husband and my kids, who I know loves me.

      Depression is not just a state of mind by the way, it is also about hormones in the brain being unbalanced. hmm… I should blog about this! hahahaha

    • Sriparna says:

      I had started watching 13 reasons Why and then as you rightly said, I could not gel with it; plus, I got distracted by Black Mirror 🙂
      But you have intrigued me to carry on with it! So I will…

    • Maria says:

      People have been affected by the series in various ways. Some took it negatively yet others took is positively. I took the in an optimistic way. I saw the series as a way of informing people that bullying in every form is harmful to the person being attacked. That there are times that having mental health issues could be just ridiculed by the bigger crowd. I hope that through the series, some who are having some suicidal tendencies would ask for professional help to prevent further actions leading to what we fear the most.

    • Aica Batoon says:

      I’m just going to be open about this.. I have been depressed before and I’m still experiencing panic attacks up to now but personally, I don’t think this series was harmful to me. It made me realize that people still care, and suicide is never the answer. Suicide is just like transferring your depression to other people who truly loves you. 🙂 Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your review. I’m looking forward for more. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

      Aica B. ♡ http://www.aicabatoon.com

    • Irma says:

      I have started reading the book but simply can’t make myself to continue. I am not sure I get it completely. Maybe I should start all over? What do you think?

    • Thank you for your sharing here, I have not watch any of this yet. In fact, frankly I 1st time heard about it too.guess I would prefer to read the book, instead of watching it. Will check out bookstore here for it 🙂 cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

    • Louisa says:

      I also had a very strong opinion about this. No doubt the premise is an interesting one. What I don’t like is that there’s no accountability. I even wrote a post asking where her tape is.

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