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    Review of The Play that Goes Wrong

    Before the curtain was raised on The Play That Goes Wrong, director of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, Chris Bean, welcomes us to the production of The Murder at Haversham Manor. He admits that their previous productions (James and the Peach, Ugly and the Beast) have been less than stellar due to a lack of interest in the drama society. Now all that changes. They finally have enough members to do justice to this play. So what can go wrong?

    A lot apparently! This is quite literally a play that goes wrong, very wrong. Before the play even started their lighting and sound manager Trevor was sent to scour the theatre for their lost dog Winston, and a member of the crowd was roped into helping fix a mantle piece with masking tape!

    A Right Mess!

    When the curtain was finally raised the audience was meant to be greeted with the murdered body of Charles Haversham, but the actor unfortunately missed his cue, which led to him hurriedly crawling on stage to play dead on a chaise long. When the rest of the cast was due to come on stage the set door refused to open, leaving them to continue as if they were already in the room. Our poor ‘dead’ Charles Haversham endured horrendous punishment by the cast (he was sat on, walked on, and had his fingers trampled) before eventually being dragged off stage.

    Think of any horrendously embarrassing incident that could happen to a cast member while acting in a play. It all happens in The Play that Goes Wrong, and it’s bloody hilarious. Lines were forgotten, characters entered in the wrong places, and the actors were knocked out by fellow cast members (repeatedly). This is basically what would happen if Basil Fawlty directed a play.

    The magic of The Play that Goes Wrong was in the details. On the surface this type of comedy might seem easy to pull off but it requires a delicate sense of timing and it was pulled off perfectly. It’s because things happen at just the right time that makes it so funny, and that takes a talented cast. It’s much harder to pretend to act badly  to evoke humor than it is to actually act badly.

    Bygone Humor

    We don’t see slapstick comedy like this much anymore. That’s such a pity because from the time the curtain went up to the time it went down I never stopped laughing. I struggled to breathe more than once! Mischief Theatre and The Play that Goes Wrong evoked memories of long ended, but long loved shows like Fawlty Towers, Mr Bean, and combines them with the wit of shows like One Foot in The Grave and Keeping up Appearances.

    If you get a chance to see this God awful play please don’t pass it up. It made for a terribly funny night out that I’ll never forget!

    The Play that Goes Wrong is currently on a tour of the UK and Ireland but if you miss it and are ever in London you can catch it in the Dutchess Theatre.

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    Theater review: The Play that Goes Wrong
    Theatre Review: The Play that Goes Wrong @BGETheatre @playgoeswrong

    • Maria says:

      I honestly wish this could be shown in our country! This really looks like a fun show to watch.

    • Rachel says:

      Great review. I went to see this in Bord Gais a couple of weeks ago and laughed so much, it was brilliant. I definitely agree that it harks back to the likes of Fawlty Towers, Basil Fawlty would suit this play perfectly 😀

    • Seems like I seldom see a play that actually has humor and makes everyone laugh. What I usually see are drama and those that have deep meaning into it. So I guess this could be a great change of genre for me. I hope one day plays like this could come to my hometown 🙂

    • Meera says:

      Haha.. I can imagine the scenes already. Seems super hilarious. Wish I can watch and have a hearty laugh. 😀

    • Jen Burgess says:

      Hi Sue, I love how well-written this theatre review is. I may not be there to witness such a comedic play but I can feel how awesome it was just by reading through your post. I felt the sarcasm everytime you mention how “awful” it was. We’ll be waiting for your next review.

    • I know my husband, Val would love this. I miss this type of comedy. It would surely be a hit since by simply reading the post and imaging the scenes, it made me giggle.

    • Joanna says:

      I would love to see this play, it sounds like a proper laugh. I hope it will come in my town as well during the tour. At first, reading your post, I thought that the cast and the director were really unfortunately but then I realised that this is how the play should go. it sounds hilarious, the perfect play to see when you just want to relax and laugh.

    • Dawn says:

      Awesome review! I haven’t watched a play in decades and this would be interesting to watch. I wish they would come to our country so I could watch it as well. I desperately need a good laugh.

    • Aica Batoon says:

      Woah, this play seems really interesting! I would definitely love watching it. I wonder if they can come visit the Philippines? haha~

    • Sabine says:

      This seems like so much fun. I never heard of this before. I would like to watch this! Might be my kind of humor

    • I love watching comedy, whether a movie or theatr. but theatre is a lot different from the movie as you see the emotions and voices live and that is something admirable because you see raw talents.

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