• Movie Review: Don’t Breathe

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    Don't Breathe movie review 2016


    From the twisted minds behind EVIL DEAD comes a new terrifying experience. Three young thieves (Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto) fight for their lives after breaking into the home of a blind man (Stephen Lang) who has a dark side.


    The idea behind Don’t Breathe is not original but I was looking forward to
    something that could have delivered a lot of suspense if done correctly.

    Three people attempt to rob a blind man who lives in a run down area of town where even the cops don’t bother to patrol.

    They have information that he is “sitting” on hundreds of thousands of dollars. I mean this in an (almost) literal way. They seem to think he’s going to have 300k sitting in a shoe box in his house rather than a bank account. Is it realistic for someone to keep this amount of money in their house? Maybe, maybe not.

    While they break in and search there is some attempt to create tension between one of the guys who accuses the other of crushing on their female partner in crime. It’s not really developed so it’s mostly an irrelevant attempt to create a multi dimensional story.

    To be honest, I went through most of this movie in a state of either frustration or amusement.

    For one, the man is blind, not deaf. The amount of noise they create breaking into the house would wake the dead.

    When they encounter the owner his first words are “chill man.” Yeah sure you’ve just broken into this man’s house but sure let’s “chill.”


    Don't Breathe movie review 2016

    From here things do get interesting. They learn this man is not going to sit down and play the victim. They’re in his playground now. As they say “in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.”

    He may not be able to see but his other senses have heightened to the point where he becomes more than a match for them.

    There are some genuinely tense parts that almost reminded me of The Decent where the creatures come incredibly close to discovering the girls.

    There’s little dialogue when the chase scenes begin. This was definitely a good move as there was nothing to distract from the action and this wasn’t winning an awards for script writing anyway!

    The frustration returned again when I started to wonder just how many times could they do the ‘they’re dead…oh wait they’re not’ thing.

    The ending was..okay. I think it would have been much better if the film ended just a few minutes before it did.

    I’m not sure if Don’t Breathe will be one you’ll want to add to your permanent collection but it’s worth renting for a one of watch if you want some suspense without a complicated story.

    Movie Review: Don’t Breathe

    • When I watched the trailer, I could definitely say that the old man is quite agile for his age and blindness. The old man is like a character from a comic book. With heightened senses, he could just kill those young thieves at once. I'm now thinking if I should watch this. I'm not quite a fan of suspense/thriller/horror flicks but I got curious about this plot.

    • Havent seen this flick and based on your review, I am encouraged to rent or even find a copy. I love suspense especially if I watch with the boys. They would really react and even cover their eyes or mouth because of fear. Ihihi.

    • Oh man, my earlier comment just vanished upon writing it here.
      Maybe you can incorporate the following points here to make your post even more interesting;

      1. Use headings
      2. Use lots of images.
      3. If possible, please insert a video link.

      To continue my comment further, we have had several films where the central character is blind or deaf but is possessed of several faculties.

    • Carola says:

      I have been thinking about watching this movie. But I haven’t seen it yet. I’m quite curious, since I really love the Evil Dead. I like the storyline, but I felt it could turn out very good, or bad. Having read your review, I’ll just give it a try!

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