• Game review: Resident Evil HD Remaster on #PS4

    Oct 11th • Posted in Gaming and Tech, Reviews

    This game was free on PS Plus in October 2016

    There was a huge nostalgia factor for me in this. When resident evil first came out I was too young to play but I have fond memories of hiding behind a pillow while intermittently watching my brother run from Nemises.

    I have always been waiting for an excuse to start the series and when I found out the remastered version was free on PS plus this month I downloaded it straight away.

    Aside from Silent Hill I don’t have a lot of experience with survival horror so I was going into this blind; which can sometimes be a good thing. It mean’t I wasn’t going to have any unrealistic expectations.

    Unfortunately my default mood when playing this was frustration. Now I’ve often found games frustrating and pushed through it to feel rewarded at the end of a particularly hard part but that wasn’t the case here. It was just frustration followed by further frustration.

    The basic controls transferred well and the remastered HD graphics  means it stands the test of time fairly well but that’s where the positives ended for me. 

    I found aiming to be particularly awkward. The auto aim was seemed to be badly designed. To kill certain types of zombies you have to destroy the head but this is just not possible. You can aim straight ahead and that’s about it. Not much good when the zombies are taller than you.

    There were also glitches involving zombies that I had killed and burned reappearing as red crimsons. Not much help when you can only burn a certain amount and you’re trying to plan the best ones to destroy to make your routes a little easier.

    I’m so used to playing games with auto saves now that I found the save system in this game very hard to get used to. At one point during the start of a timed event I died and realised I hadn’t saved in a while (my fault I know) because seeking out the save points was just a pain. The game was so disjointed that when I loaded it after dying I had no idea what I had and hadn’t done. There is no clear flow to the progression in some parts and while I love exploration this was the other end of the scale.

    I could have gotten over most of that and probable, sort of liked the game if it wasn’t for the inability to drop items. It was maddening. I get the aspect of survival horror is that you must prioritize what items to carry but we should be able to drop things like herbs or daggers. It also made no sense that a plant took up the same amount of space as a rocket launcher! 

    I think the issue here was just that the game was not a good match for my tastes. I’m sure fans of the series will relish the chance to play this on the PS4 and I’m sure this will introduce a whole new generation of fans to the franchise. I just won’t be one of them.

    If you’ve never played a resident evil game before I’d suggest maybe watching some gameplay to see if you’d like it before you drop money on it.

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    Game review: Resident Evil HD Remaster on #PS4

    • Elle May says:

      Great post Amanda, glad you included the bit about aim. Drives me mad when a came can't aim properly and I end up dying haha

    • The first and only survival horror that I've played and finished was the first Silent Hill. But I do have fond memories of Resident Evil because my late father used to play it, a lot! It's amazing how the graphics have improved, sure looked more realistic now. I would love to play it myself.

      • admin says:

        That's so cool that your Dad played it! I would love to have a go at playing the other Resident Evil games but the story continues so I feel I'll miss out if I skip the first game!

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