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    Amanda Knox documentary review

    “Either I’m a psychopath in sheep’s clothing or I am you.”

    The documentary opens with Amanda Knox narrating a particularly gory view of the crime scene intertwined with sound bites from the period around the trial. From questions about whether she killed Meredith to asking about her sexual preferences. It really sets the tone for the rest of the documentary.
    I was really struck by how ‘grown up’ Amanda looked. I somehow forgot about the years that had passed since the trial. It showed how she’s turned from a naive, almost crude teen to a  well spoken adult.
    From here she takes us right back to a week before the murder when she had just arrived as the self proclaimed beautiful blonde American who meets Rafael Soleto, the suave local who sweeps her off feet. The same man she’s seen kissing on the day of the murder. An act that’s described as “inappropriate” by (extremely sexist) local detectives.
    We hear from the Daily Mail reporter Nick Pisa, who seems to just revel on it all. The excitement on his face is clear for all to see. His reaction throughout the documentary was quite disturbing to watch and really supported the vulture like reputations these rag reporters have earned. He even calls the situation a “feeding frenzy” at once stage.
    “Any nugget, any scrap. You were trying to get it out before the competition.”
    He also compares the “buzz” surrounding it all to sex. It was sickening to listen to. It was nothing but fodder to him.
    But as bizarre as that was I think what I found really disturbing was Amanda’s lack of emotion during her account of what happened. She talks about Meredith’s throat being slit in the same fashion as you or I would talk about our shopping list. I know she hadn’t been friends with Meredith for long but surely they fact that anyone was murdered in your house should incite some sort of emotional response?
    Everything about her in this documentary is cold, clinical and calculated. Even her tears. But do her narcissistic tendencies make her a murderer? No, of course not.
    There were certainly a lot of mind games being played here by the local authorities and the media who created the frenzy. A lot of the “crucial” evidence was circumstantial at best. The reporter at least had the decency to admit they weren’t interested in Rudy because the “cult of Amanda Knox” was a far more interesting story.


    “People love monsters. So when they get the chance…they want to see them.”
    Although it didn’t offer anything new in the way of information it was still a really interesting watch. Definitely one for those who loved Making a Murderer and want something to fill the void.

    Have you seen the Amanda Knox documentary? What did you think?

    Documentary Review: Amanda Knox on @NetflixUK

    • Haven't heard about the Amanda Knox documentary. But from the photo it truly looked cold and calculated. It's almost… sterile. I bet it makes for a good drama on the screen!

    • Carola K says:

      I have seen the documentary as well! I was glad to have seen it. I agree, it offers insights that are already known. But still, usually I just hear bits and pieces of this story. And there was quite some information gathered here. It sheds a light on the way they did the investigation. It was very strange to see Amanda in the documentary.

    • Ella Ivoire says:

      I haven't seen the documentary yet but I was thinking to watch it soon. I think that's kinda of disappointing that you got no more informations. I think that yet again this is drama and more drama feed by the media, but I can be totally wrong. Is Amanda really in the documentary? I think that's just so strange!

    • I haven't seen this, but I have heard about it. It reminds me of Daisy & Audrie, which is very good, and looks to be something you may be interested in. Check it out! It's on Netflix too.

      What other Netflix movies/tv shows do you watch? I'm extremely happy that the Gilmore Girls are back. 🙂

    • I am fan of documentaries. However, I haven't heard about the Amanda Know documentary. Good thing, I chanced to visit this, this article added another docu to watch. I am intrigued how it worked on film.

    • I haven't heard about Amanda and I haven't seen this documentary and it made me curios what was this all about. I'll surely check this out cause it sounds really interesting and exciting.

    • I haven't heard of this yet. I like documentaries but sometimes, I can't take watching those with gory scenes. The photos look grim and really cold. Tbh, I really think this could be a hit for shows/movies.

    • ROBERT LEE says:

      Who is Amanda Knox? Good thing there's Google. Anyway, before I start searching, I'd like to leave one input. Even a documentary film is a production, which means the result or what is shown, is what the producer/director wants. Even a documentary film can never be entirely correct or accurate. As a matter of fact, it serves a purpose, but whose purpose?

    • I didn't know that there is a documentary about Amanda Knox. She murdered a man??? For me this is insane and brutal, to kiss and then kill the person you made love with? ewww….I think I should make time to watch the documentary soon. thanks for posting this.

    • I don't know Amanda Knox but I will check on her. Well, I worked in media worlds for almost 20 years and every story we share needs emotion to hook the audience though sometimes adlibs could go off-limits. Personally, I also met oppressors and victims of crimes "devoid of emotions" after the crucial situation. It is their way of coping up with guilt (oppressors/murderers).

    • Joanna Davis says:

      I didn't see the Amanda Knox documentary yet but I do have it in my list of movies to watch on Netflix. I have heard about the story and I really don't know what to think. Maybe this documentary has been made to help her image? Who knows… the only thing we know is that a girl has been murdered and there's nobody punished for it yet.

    • This is on Netflix! I am going to watch it as soon as I get home. I am a sucker for documentaries especially if it's related to crime or paranormal. I have heard about Amanda a long time ago, but I haven't really followed through on her story. I'd love to see for myself how she looks now and maybe know more about this case. I agree that it's disturbing to see a person who lacks emotion. There is something weird about them.

    • Stargazer says:

      I haven't seen this yet, but I am interested. I like watching documentaries especially those wrapped with mystery. I don't quite have a grasp of the situation just by reading the entry. Maybe watching it would make more sense.

    • I've heard so much about this documentary, it looks really intriguing. I'll have to give it a watch sometime.

    • Jerny says:

      I've heard about Amanda Knox but never had seen any documentaries about her but I knew this was on Netflix. I'm not a fan of such documentaries about people because I usually watch those films / documentaries about earth, etc. But since there was a recommendation, I might give it a shot.

    • KT Nielsen says:

      I have followed this story on CNN years back and I have watch a few of the sequences in the documentary but I've never really found time to finish it though. I've watched another documentary about this crime story and I would love to compare this. I'm not exactly sure what I feel about Amanda's guilt but I think she may have a hand in it.

    • Yan Birog says:

      I haven't heard of the Amanda Knox case but I'm sure to have passed this trailer ad one time. Netflix has been releasing a lot of interesting titles lately!

    • It you want to learn the truth about a murder case read the court records do not watch a bullshit Netflix documentary and think that you have done your "research". The Amanda Knox documentary like Making a Murderer and the Paradise Lost documentaries are advocacy pieces for the defense. They conviently leave out the incriminating evidence and make villains out of others in order to point the finger away from the murderer. There is absolutely no money and accolades in the right guy/gal was convicted but a ton of money in the wrong guy was convicted documentary. Read the court documents if you want to learn the truth. Do not believe everything you see on TV. Amanda Knox spent over a million dollars on a PR team to spin the story in her favor. Damien Echols and the West Memphis Three hired Lonnie Soury who represent General Motors. There has been a lot of money spent to obscure the truth in these cases. The truth is out there for those willing to do a little bit of research. Otherwise, you can get lies spoon fed to you in entertaining formats by well monied PR teams. The choice is yours.

    • I was privileged to read your post. and I left a comment. so great to meet you. I’m “following” you. I hope you have a great weekend.

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