• Colorful sandals by @RocketDogEurope #fbloggers

    May 27th • Posted in Fashion, Reviews

    rocket dog sandals review


    For the longest time I’ve been trailing around shoe shops looking for a colorful but also comfortable pair of sandals. Everything I found seemed to require me to sacrifice one of the above. They were either comfortable and really ugly or really colorful but terribly uncomfortable! I have psoriatic arthritis, which affects my feet so comfort is really important and I was about to give up on style and color before I came across these Rocket Dog sandals on Amazon.

    The soles have a beautiful wood effect but they are incredibly soft. Almost like memory foam. They mold to the shape of your feet meaning you get a perfect fit.
    rocket dog sandals color detail
    I absolutely love the color combination on the Rocket Dog sandals. The variety of colors means that these sandals will go with almost anything. I’ve dressed them down with linen pants but they also look great with skirts, dresses and cut-off jeans. They really are incredibly versatile.
    All of the straps on the sandals are adjustable which means if I ever have a day where my feet or ankles swell I can easily loosen the straps and then tighten them again when the swelling goes down.
    The only downside I have found so far is that the sole can stain easily because they are so light in color. I have been combating this by using a clean cloth and warm water to wipe them down at the end of the day and this seems to be keeping them like new.
    rocket fashion sandals review

    What are your favorite sandals to wear in the summer? Have you found anything fashionable and comfy?



    Colorful sandals by @RocketDogEurope #fbloggers

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