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    The Addams Family Musical Review


    Da da dum *snap snap*

    I decided this year that I wanted to start going to the theatre more. So far I’ve been to Chicago, Matilda, The Mousetrap, and The Play that Goes Wrong.

    I didn’t know a whole lot about the plot of The Addams Family Musical (other than the basic outline) but I had been listening to the song ‘Pulled’ for about 3 months straight after I stumbled upon it on YouTube.

    I had no pre existing expectations but I have yet to see a bad musical so I was looking forward to it as I’d been following Carrie Fletcher’s Watch Me Wednesdays on Youtube.

    The first thing I noticed when we took our seats was the elaborate set. Around the edges of the stage were the window blinds of the old Dutch colonial that’s iconic of The Addams Family franchise.

    The show opens with Gomez (Cameron Blakley) inviting the ancestors to rise from their crypts for the yearly reunion. After a spectacular song and dance routine we find out that (a now grown up) Wednesday (Carrie Hope Fletcher) had fallen for a rather ‘normal’ boy named Lucas (Oliver Ormson).

    Before the ancestors return to their crypt Fester (who is played by Les Dennis and acts as narrator) tells them that they must help him discover if this boy is good enough for Wednesday. I was really surprised by Les’ performance as Fester. I’m used to seeing him in Coronation Street but he really shines on stage. He was quite funny, and he can sing!

    I was a little unsure at first of the casting of Carrie as Wednesday but I have to say she did a fantastic job. Her rendition of Pulled was perfect and I could really feel the confusion of feeling like different person all because of this guy who stumbled into her life.

    Lucas’ parents have come for dinner and it’s up to Wednesday to ensure they have ‘One Normal Night’ so the families can get to know each other before she breaks the news….that she and and Lucas are engaged to be married.

    Although the story focuses on Wednesday and Lucas I have to say that Gomez stole the show for me. He was incredible. The innuendos and jokes made for an unexpectedly funny show. The whole audience laughed out loud more than once. Plus the on stage chemistry between him and his wife Morticia ( Samantha Womack) was clear for all to see. I don’t think they could have found a better actress to play Morticia. She really embodied the dark, passionate humor that she is known for in the movies.

    Sometimes when shows travel they have to scale things down for obvious reasons but The Addams Family is a feast for the eyes, with many set and prop changes occurring throughout the show (seamlessly by techs dressed as ancestors).

    The show is chock full of memorable songs such as ‘Full Disclosure’ (a truth telling drinking game that I’d love to play) and ‘I’m Crazier than You’ (Wednesdays song to Lucas where she worries that he may not be able to handle her as his tormentor).  In musicals like this the chorus and dancers can fade into the background but in this case they really added to the show. The dance numbers were incredibly elaborate and entertaining to watch.

    The show ended with a bang: a big musical tango number with everyone clapping along to the Addams Family theme. As we left the theatre every single person had a smile on their face. I’d have happily walked back in and watched t again straight away.

    The Addams family Musical UK Tour will be in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre until the 26th of August 2017 before it continues on its tour of the UK.


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    Theatre review for the Addams Family  musical UK  tour.
    Theatre Review: The Addams Family Musical @AddamsFamilyUK @BGETheatre

    • Nilyn says:

      Seems really fun and entertaining! I’d really love something that would make me smile ’til the next day/week/month? lol. Like you, I am not familiar with the Addams Family musical, in fact, I’ve never heard it before, at all! This post though, reminds me of something sad that recently happened to my friend. He was our director for our church’s musical play Joseph the Dreamer, David and Goliath, and Jonah and the Big Fish. He died just last week and we’re all grieving about it. 🙁

    • Kareen Liez says:

      I love the Addams family! I am sure that this is so much fun to watch. I always wanted to watch a musical show but too bad we don’t have it here in our area- expect for school plays. I envy you that you were able to watch this one. Such a nice experience indeed!

    • Mumwrites says:

      I love The Addams Family! I remember planning to name my daughter Wednesday, too! 😀 This is another way to experience this beloved family. Hopefully, one of these days, this play will find its way into our local theatres!

    • Erica says:

      Been uears since I visited a theater for a musical play. I used to be into it especially in highschool when performingwas part of my life. Adamms family is famous and i feel it must be fun to watch. I’m thinking about the Tango performance at the end. If I could, I’d watch this musical.

    • Honestly, I am not that familiar with the Addams Family story. One of my boys, though, explained to me that the family has a real interesting family members.

      I love movies but threater is something I also appreciate because it is more vivid and loud. It is live and I could really get to enjoy the professionalism of the artists.

      If that play would only be staged in our place, surely I will watch it as well.

    • Amila says:

      Its a long time that I visited a theater.But I still love to watch stage shows,dramas.Those are live and gives really exciting time.Hope you had a great time in this theater watching the musical.

    • Indrani says:

      Very interesting characters and story. It is long since I watched a play like this. An evening spent watching a play can relieve so much stress.Hope something similar comes up here.

    • I adore theatre and I visit it very often. And I am not into musicals generally. I think I haven’t given them a proper chance. Seeing your review made me think about going to the theatre to see one of the musicals. I wish that could be Adams Family. I love them ever since I was a kid and I believe this one was excellent. If you laughed, then it must have been great!

    • Milton Coyne says:

      I truly love this musical… I was able to watch a local adaptation of this musical and they were able to execute it very well.. the punchlines and the comical sequences were all on point..and the music was equally entertaining..the Full Disclosure is my favorite part.. that’s the family dinner right? The one performed on the long table?

    • Maria says:

      So jealous of you! The only Addams Family show was the tv series. Oh and the movie also! I super love their stories and how they present it to the crowd. It’s really interesting plus to show a nearly grown up Wednesday? That surely makes it more interesting!

    • Carola says:

      Oooh I remember watching the Addams family years ago. I loved it! I didn’t know there was a musical. I love that you also saw Matilda en Chicago. I’m glad you liked it a lot and that the casting of Wednesday turned out to be a good choice. I love visiting the theater. If this would play close to me, I’d definitely go. Last one I’ve seen in the theater was the Bodyguard. Loved it!

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