• Welcome to Curly Sue review

    Apr 17th • Posted in Lifestyle

    Hello and welcome to my new lifestyle blog – Curly Sue Review!

    I’m so delighted that all my work over the last few months has finally come together and I’m now able to share my new blog with you all. 
    I’m no stranger to blogging. I’ve ran my book blog (Go Book Yourself) for the past 3 years. I still love books but I got to the stage where I wanted to talk about other things too. I considered expanding my book blog but it just didn’t work. I felt like I need a separate space for off my lifestyle topics. 

    I want this blog to be a personal space where I can talk about anything and everything. I know it’s good to have a niche but I’m too manic for that! I have about then thousand interests but I’ll try and categorize them in some way.
    The main reason for wanting to start this blog was to have a space to write my reviews but also to talk about chronic illness. About two years ago I was diagnosed with two forms of arthritis – psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis. I’ll include a little more about those in the About Me when I write it. 
    So thank you for reading my first test post. I will be adding to it in the future when I get all the bugs ironed out! 

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