• Chronic Life : A Hip Replacement Before 30

    Oct 21st • Posted in Chronic life, Lifestyle


    Last Monday I left my consultant appointment smiling. Anyone who knows me will tell you this is a rare sight. After a consultation I’m usually either deflated, angry or crying my eyes out.

    I’ve suffered with psoriatic arthritis for about 4 years but I’ve had osteoarthritis for much longer. For the past 4-5 years I’ve been dragging my hip around on good days and lying on the couch wailing in pain on bad days.

    I’ve seen two consultants previously. The first one diagnosed the osteoarthritis fairly rapidly after examining my hip MRI. He decided I needed an arthroscopy and sent me to another expensive consultant in Dublin.
    After a year of scans and expensive tests this second consultant, who was incredibly rude told me he wasn’t prepared to do anything for me. I left the consultation in tears because of the way he spoke to me and also because I thought I’d have to live with this pain for the rest of my life.

    I spent the next year deflated and sore. I didn’t see any point in finding a third consultant. I assumed they’d all tell me the same thing.

    A couple of months ago I was with my GP. I relented and told him that the Dublin consultant wouldn’t do anything for me and that I would have to just deal with the pain.

    I told him I was sick of handing out hundreds of euros to people who were not only uninterested in helping me but were rude on top of it.

    After a long conversation he convinced me to try one more consultant. A hip specialist. We’ll call him Dr D.

    A couple of weeks later I was sitting in Dr ‘s office. He asked me the usual questions (how the osteoarthritis affects my life bla bla bla) and then proceeded to have a look at my MRI.

    His first words were “you’re not a suitable candidate for an arthroscopy.” Queue me almost having a break down in the middle of this guy’s office. He must have seen my face drop because he looked at the screen again and said “but you do need a hip replacement.”

    I couldn’t believe it. I thought maybe I’d heard things so I asked him if I was too young to have a replacement. He told me that he’d recently replaced a hip in a 26 year old and that having inflammatory arthritis meant age was no longer a factor.

    He explained that because the waiting lists here are so long it could be a few years before it happens but I couldn’t care less. There is finally a plan!

    I think I’m one of the few people who’s ever left a consultant smiling after being told they need a hip replacement but for me this means that at some point down the line my hip will be pain free and I’ll have 95% of the function back. If I could have skipped out of his office I would!

    It’s taken me a few years but I’ve learned a lesson: never give up. I’ve met my fair share of rude doctors and consultants but one good one almost made up for it all. Don’t let a bad experience stop you from seeking help for a condition that’s affecting your life.

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    Chronic Life : A Hip Replacement Before 30

    • ROBERT LEE says:

      Hi, Amanda.

      You are absolutely correct. The way you see things could be negative, which does you no good. Dwelling on the negatives will bring your more difficulties. But, when you see things from the positive then there's hope. Hope gives you the motivation to go on do what you need to do, knowing something better is coming along. I hope your hip replacement comes sooner rather than later. It will all be good. 🙂

    • I have a friend who had a hip replacement too. It was so sudden. It was a good thing that she had her hip replacement fast. She is now recovering from it. But she is much older than you.

    • Moi Petite says:

      I have so much admiration for your ability to stay strong! And look, it turned out for the best in the end! 🙂

      I've been having back problems for over 6 months now and it has been a struggle to maintain positivity that it will get better! I hope your replacement surgery goes well and that you have a speedy recovery! 🙂

    • " Don't let a bad experience stop you from seeking help for a condition that's affecting your life." I love what you just said. And that should be the kind of spirit! Giving up will not solve the situation either. You are a strong person and i admire you for that. Praying for your speedy recovery 🙂

    • Wow even though those doctors were rude you still pursued on finding help. Good thing he konws your case and has a plan for you! Though I'm bothered with the hip replacement by 26 yrs old. Knowing its not the age factor anymore, you can have it earlier than others.

    • Glad there's finally a plan! I am incredulous that it could take several years for it to happen though. It's unbelievable how inefficient the medical services can be even though I appreciate they are under a lot of pressure.

    • Always be positive! That's one thing I love about life. Negative thoughts will do you no good but to prepare only for the worst. Positive will do you the bests you can never expect. That's life!

    • I never had a chance to hear such thing about the hips replacement. I hope everything is going well with you! Always stay positive and God will do His best to never let you fall to the worst thing

    • I didn't know that there is such thing as hip replacement. It's sad to hear but I know you'll do well! I like how you see things positively. Just remember that things happen for a reason and that everything will be fine.

    • Mr. X says:

      That's an awesome news. When we are in those down moments, we feel hopeless. We are drowning so deep that we don't even see it could be bright at some point. And we even start to give up. But at some point, it always gets better, no matter what, even small things, it will always get better. That's just life, it goes up and down and we should never give up. There's a quote, as cheesy it is from Rock Balboa, I really love it because it's so accurate "Life isn't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." It's maybe in a few years, but it's happening. So keep going 🙂

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